Let’s face it, Photoshop is hard. Gimp is hard. They are excellent tools, but they have a devil of a learning curve. What is a beginning photographer to do? Picmonkey.

First of all, Picmonkey is web-based. You drag your photo to the box, edit away, and then download it again. Nothing to download (except the photo), nothing to update, no required log in. It’s foolproof.

The tools include Instagram-like filters, some basic beautifying elements, text editing, and some fun overlays (which get updated every season. The Winter ones are my favorite). For more fun, there is a paid membership that unlocks all the features with a crown next to them. It runs $4.95/month or $33/year. It’s very reasonable for what you get, but there’s plenty available for free.

It’s kind of like Instagram, but with captions. Or maybe it’s what would happen if you slammed Photoshop into Keynote. Regardless, it’s wonderful.

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Graphics/Graphic design
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