Crowdfunding Makerspaces and Tools

Crowdfunding Makerspaces and Tools

I currently reside in Houston, Texas, so I was really excited to hear about the Houston Makerspace crowdfunding project that opened up on Indiegogo. The campaign aims to raise $150,000 in order to secure a rental space and begin furnishing the space with equipment and classroom materials. To learn more about this project, check out the homepage or the Indiegogo campaign page.

I’d like to also highlight a few other crowdfunding maker related projects:

FABtotum Personal Fabricator

From the campaign page:

“FABtotum is a multipurpose tool, the first Low Cost Desktop Personal Fabrication device that can operate a wide range of Computer controlled (CNC) manufacturing processes. Print, Cut, Mill, Scan, Manipulate. Rinse and repeat! A seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world. While Current 3D printers are defined as Personal fabricators, there is so much more to personal fabrication than 3d printing alone! FABtotum allows anyone to explore the endless possibilities of a multipurpose fabrication device.”

To learn more about the project, visit the campaign page here.


Mobile Makerspace is a resource for Makers interested in starting and running *mobile* makerspaces!

From the about page:

Mobile Makerspace is a Maker resource, offering assistance to those starting and running Mobile Makerspaces. We are supporters of open-source initiatives and projects and we support cooperative collaboration to expand the Maker community. We help Mobile Makerspaces organize Make events, workshops, and classes, and we hold Mobile Makerspace events in conjunction with community groups. We also help community groups start their own Mini Makerspaces.

To learn more about this really handy Maker resource, check out: To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign check out their Indiegogo campaign page.

As for the brevity of this post, I lost a lot of the time I was *going* to devote to this post when my partner and I nearly hit and then rescued this little guy:

Welcome to the family, Hitch!
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