Beware of Robots

Beware of Robots

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Recently, the news has been filled with ‘ROBOTS STEALING JOBS’ and ‘YOUR JOB WILL BE GIVEN TO A ROBOT’, as well as ‘PREVENT ROBOTS FROM TAKING OVER HUMANITY’! (Agent Smith, anyone?)I even have plenty of proof for our worries:

Robots, being the clever little things we’ve programmed them to be, do not start off with the outright replacement of human beings in the workforce. First, they provide “additional help” so humans can do their jobs “better”, such as these mining robots, which will be used to explore areas of mines that are inaccessible to humans.

The sneaky machines are even bringing the rat race against other robots, with the offer of “helping” planetary rovers on Mars by reaching places that the main Mars rover can’t reach.

Now that we’ve grown dependent on robots, they employ the next step of their nefarious plans and start to steal human jobs outright: The Las Vegas Sun ran this article that claimed robots will replace fast food workers if businesses are required to raise how much they pay their workers.

NPR covered a robot rock band in this article. Not only are robots after our low-wage jobs, they’re after our jobs that require creativity and passion – everything that makes us robots – er, human!

Drones, small flying robots, have been used for everything from spying, to mail and food delivery.

To put the icing on the cake, robots are trying to manipulate our emotions in order to make us trusting and willing to give them our work! For example, soldiers have shown emotional attachment and have even given funerals to their fallen mechanical buddies.

And the most unforgivable plot of Robot-kind, is the plan to usurp LOVE, as proven by this article on ‘Lovotics’.

Stay vigilant. Stay wary.

Author’s Note: This post is written in jest. Robots are NOT out to get us! They’re pretty neat and you can even build your own.


Image Credit: “robot army” by Flickr user Peyri Herrera

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