Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year. As a kid, it was obviously for the candy and because I loved dressing up. I haven’t been able to dress up the last few years because of time constraints and all that jazz, but I love seeing the creative costumes people come up with!

There is one thing that’s better than candy (usually) or people dressing up in fun costumes, and that is ANIMALS IN COSTUME! Now, there are a LOT of costumes for pets these days, but since we’re all about making here at MakerBridge, I wanted to focus on pet costumes you can make yourself. Even better, since Halloween is only THREE DAYS AWAY, I wanted to focus on cheap, fast, and easy DIY pet costumes. Listed below are examples of my favorites that I’ve found.

Happy Halloween, Makers!


1. Tin foil + yellow starburst candy + guinea pig =

Guinea Pig Baked Potato!

Found on Buzzfeed and mydisguises.com.



2. Purple balloons + green crepe paper + green construction paper + black marker + dog/cat =

A Bunch of Grapes!

Image from: Popsugar and Instagram user joshgenender



3. Small paper bag + marker + scissors + cat =


Note: this costume will probably not stay on actual kitty for longer than a few seconds. Maybe a minute, if you’re actually opening a can of tuna!

Image found on pinterest.



4. Ace bandages (or toilet paper) + dog =


Image found on petMD



5. Cone of shame + ribbon + 3 styrofoam balls + red and green markers + wood stick + dog =


Shaken, not stirred. Photo found on wonderhowto.


Have you ever made a costume for someone, yourself, or a pet? Let us know in the comments or tweet @makerbridge!

Author’s Note:
Be sure to always watch your pets when wearing costumes or around craft supplies – they could eat something that makes them sick! Also, please make sure to always take your pet on a leash when going outside for Halloween. Loud noises may frighten your pet and cause them to run off.

Image Credit: “Halloween” by Flickr user Pedro Ferreira


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