Manic Monday – 5 Links make a post

Manic Monday – 5 Links make a post

Hello Makers and Maker-Affiliates!

Sorry about the tardiness of the post this week! Today will be a classic format of “5 links make a blog post.” Cheers!

1. Happy Birthday, Grace Hopper! 12/09/06 is the birthday of Computer Science’s Amazing Grace. Read more about her, and her impact on the field of computer science on Wikipedia:

2. Amazing Grace’s birthday also heralds the beginning of 2013’s Computer Science Education Week. Check out to find out how you can learn, teach, or otherwise participate!

3. Continuing with this week’s theme of Women in Technology, Google is sponsoring over 150K for female programmers to attend Hacker School:

4. Edudemic has a great post today that aggregates 10 web-based resources for learning how to code. Head on over to: and get your code on!

5.  And for our last link, check out our Women in Maker Culture post in honor of Ada Lovelace Day: It fits in well thematically with Grace Hopper’s birthday as well!

Keep on, makin’ makers!


Image Credit: Public Domain image of Grace Hopper from Wikipedia

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