Maker Resolutions

Maker Resolutions

Happy 2014!


It’s the New Year, and that means New Years’ Resolutions! In this case New Years’ *Maker* Resolutions. For this post, I’m going to list what my maker-related resolutions are for 2014.


1. I want to finish my Public Library Makerspaces and Demographics Project. 


2. I want to learn how to cook. At this point, I can “cook” anything that comes in a box, can, or that I can microwave.

While microwaves are great for DOING SCIENCE, not really that great for cooking healthy food.


3. I want to learn how to sew in order to mend my own clothing. I figure that I should start small, and learn how to fix my jacket pocket or hem a pair of pants before I start trying to make a TARDIS dress for Comic-Con. 


4. In the same vein as Resolution #3, I want to learn how to finger knit. I was taught how to do this in 5th grade, but I never kept up with it. Beyond buying yarn, I would like to learn how to do this again because there are no special tools required.


I have a lot of other resolutions for this year (reading 75 books, finishing 12 video games) that aren’t related to making, so I’m going to cap my Maker Resolutions for 2014 at four.

What are some of your Maker Resolutions? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter!


Image Credit: “Happy New Year” by Flickr user Arielle Nadel

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