Not Just Plastic Anymore: 3D Printing and Food

Not Just Plastic Anymore: 3D Printing and Food

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With 3D printing’s popularity on the rise, more and more industries have begun to expand into the field. Lately, I’ve been coming across a lot of news stories bringing together 3D printing and food. Check out the ones below:

Take dessert to a new level with 3D printing (video)

South Africa’s 3D printed chocolate factory

World’s biggest pasta maker wants restaurants to 3D print your food–with their cartridges

CES: 3D Printing Now Kitchen Ready

What 3D-Printed Cake Tastes Like

The ChefJet 3D Printer Prints Dessert, And Yes, It’s Really Good

Chew On This: 3D Food Printing Could Soon Be A Reality

Although 3D printing in this area is clearly still limited, with most examples being desserts of some kind, creating food in this way has a lot of potential. If makers continue to improve upon these processes and materials, might we one day get to the point where those with special dietary requirements can produce what they need cheaply and easily? Could we tackle the accessibility of healthy food, rather than limiting those with lower incomes to fast food and trapping them in food deserts?

Have you come across any interesting developments regarding food and 3D printing? Built anything yourself? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


Image Credit:  3D printed sugar candy from 3D Systems

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