Makerspace Post Week: A MakerBridge Exclusive (Day 4)

Makerspace Post Week: A MakerBridge Exclusive (Day 4)

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Today marks the fourth day in our special MakerBridge post week. So far, Sharona, Kristin, and Emily have already talked about each of their own definitions of what a makerspace is, anyway.

I very much agree that a makerspace doesn’t need to be a permanent space. I would also say that a makerspace can exist when you least expect it. An area does not need to be designated a makerspace in order to be one, nor do planned maker related activities or time frames need to exist for making to occur.

A makerspace can occur in any of these places or designations to be sure, but I think it’s important to remember that just because a space isn’t called a “makerspace” or a set of tools isn’t what you would normally think of when you think of “making”, but whether or not you and others can create something new out of them.

The most important aspects of a makerspace to me, then, are imagination, collaboration, and a community that fosters experimentation and creativity.


Image Credit: “On creativity” by Flickr user Linus Bohman

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