Making For The Holidays

Making For The Holidays

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Is this really what you want to be doing? Or would you rather be at your local makerspace? Image Credit

As I write this post, it’s snowing outside and I’ve actually had to turn on my heat for the first time since last winter. You know what that means: the holidays are coming up fast.

One of the things I like most about the maker movement is its rejection of constant consumerism and mass production in favor of more custom, handmade things. The holidays are a great time to really embrace this spirit by skipping the Black Friday stampedes and focusing instead on using your maker skills to give your friends and family thoughtful, personalized gifts they’ll really enjoy. Check out the suggestions below; now is a great time to get started so your gifts will be ready in time!




– 101 Crafty Gifts – Instructables

Some of my personal favorites include this Hot Shoulder Dragon and a home-made Salt & Sugar Scrub

Best way to keep your shoulders warm


– Small Gifts to Make – Pinterest

I’m really intrigued by these Dip Mix or Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Seriously, how awesome do these look?


100 Homemade Gift Ideas – about: home

Crocheted greeting card bowl, felt fortune cookies, and more

Excellent use for greeting cards



And don’t forget the animals!

25 DIY Gifts for Pet Lovers

DIY Gift Ideas: Pet Toys and Treats to Make for Dogs and Cats


Do you have any creative gifts planned for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at us to show off your work!


Image Credit: “Crafting Automagically” by Flicker user Quelab_NM

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