Webinar: Makerspaces In Academic Libraries

Webinar: Makerspaces In Academic Libraries

Sorry, everyone, for the missed post last week! Thankfully, I am finally over being sick, and this week I want to share with you a webinar I recently presented on the top of makerspaces in libraries, with a special focus on academic libraries.

Makerspaces are finding their way into more and more libraries lately, but the majority of these tend to be located in public libraries, and these ones often get the most attention. Academic libraries and makerspaces can be a great fit for each other, though, and there are a lot of ways that a makerspace in a higher ed environment can be beneficial not only for students but for the whole campus community.

What are these benefits, and what are some great things academic library makerspaces are already doing? What are some important things to think about and some first steps you can take towards your own makerspace? Check out the webinar hosted by the SLA Education Division (and you canĀ download my slides as well).

Thoughts? Questions? Leave them in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter!


Image Credit: “Open Studio: Holiday Crafting” by Flickr user CSM Library

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