International Women’s Day – #makeithappen

International Women’s Day – #makeithappen

In case you didn’t know, March is ‘International Women’s History Month‘, and March 8 happened to be International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s IWD is ‘Make it happen!’ – which is absolutely speaking to the maker in every woman. This post links to some of the resources, blogs, and articles celebrating International Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, and women makers.

1. The entire MakerBridge team is made up of four women:

2. A nifty infographic from Intel that summarizes findings from their MakeHers Report:

3. If you haven’t heard of yet, you need to go to the website RIGHT NOW. Here’s the link to their International Women’s History month post:

4. 10 Women in American Manufacturing: Celebrating International Women’s Day –

5. Make It Happen: 9 Stories from Working Women of the World:

6. Abby Cadabby, Kimberly Bryant (founder of Black Girls Code), and Astronaut Karen Nyberg talk International Women’s Day:

7. A brief herstory of International Women’s Day:

8. #Throwback to our Ada Lovelace Day post:

9. I’ve saved the best for last. The MakerBridge founder (and fearless leader) has been named one of Library Journal’s 2015 Movers and Shakers!! We are very proud! Check her out in the ‘Community Builders’ section, along with the rest of the fabulous award winners:

Making it happen indeed!


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