Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to the New Site!

If you’re reading this on our site or you’ve visited in the last few days, you may have noticed some big changes in MakerBridge’s appearance. After a lot of planning and work to transfer content, we’ve officially moved the site from Drupal to WordPress, which we think will serve our needs a lot better at this point. I wanted to use this week’s blog post to briefly introduce you to some of the changes and plans we have for the future.


You may have noticed a new feature up in the navigation bar: Resources. In the past, we’ve shared resources here and there through Twitter or in some of our blog posts. We think having a separate section to collect these could be useful for the MakerBridge community, and we hope you’ll agree. We’re going to be continually adding to this section, so make sure to check back! There will soon be a way for you to submit and share your own resources, as well.


The tool reviews feature has changed a little from the way we had it set up on our old site. We’re hoping the structure and appearance will make it more accessible. Again, there will soon be a way for you to submit reviews if you’d like to and to share what you know with the rest of the community.


Have you noticed the small three-button toolbar on the left side of the website? This is actually an accessibility toolbar, with options to display the site with high contrast colors, in greyscale, or with larger text. Accessibility is something that’s important to us at MakerBridge and something we are still learning about. We hope to continue working on the new site to make it as accessible as possible.

Blog posts

We’ve taken advantage of WordPress’s support for blogging to spruce up the blog’s appearance and functionality. Related posts, more images, more prominent tags, options to log in with Twitter or Facebook to comment, ability to receive notifications of replies to your comments–look out for all of these and more!


What do you think of the new site? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Notice anything broken? Head over to the Contact page, leave a comment below, or tweet at us to let us know!

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