The Maker Map – Libraries & Museums

The Maker Map – Libraries & Museums

Some of you may already be familiar with The Maker Map, a great resource that helps gather and keep track of information about makerspaces. One drawback of The Maker Map, however, is that there is very little information about makerspaces in libraries and museums.

To address this, I’ve started a public resource to map libraries and museums with makerspaces or that are otherwise involved with the maker movement. Of course, this is a work in progress. As of writing this, I haven’t yet filled in information for the museums I’ve listed, and I’m certainly missing many institutions that could be included.

I hope you find this resource helpful, and I hope the MakerBridge community can help me to further build out this map to increase its accuracy. Contact me to submit any changes or additions, and please feel free to share this resource widely if you find it useful!

Makerspaces in Libraries & Museums Map

Image Credit: “Map” by Amber Case on Flickr: CC-BY-NC-2.0

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