Stony Brook University Innovation Lab

Stony Brook University Innovation Lab

Note: This is a guest post from Alysha Bullock and the rest of the staff at the Stony Brook University Innovation Lab. Here’s some of what the Innovation Lab has been up to lately:

The Stony Brook University Innovation Lab (iLab) is the first of its kind on Long Island. The Innovation Lab is a collaborative environment, where cross-disciplines can meet to work on different products. We promote a “maker mentality” and have taken steps to encourage Entrepreneurship and Innovation on the Stony Brook campus.

WISE Event

On July 1st, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), brought their summer camp into the Innovation Lab. The camp consisted of girls ages 12-13, who were learning about 3D design. The Innovation Lab sought to apply that knowledge of 3D design into real-life applications. The WISE girls were given three presentations: one on the Green Screen, one on 3D printing, and one on Augmented Reality using cellular applications. This occurred in a two part workshop, where the WISE girls learned how to use multiple “maker” tools to create one end product. That end product was an augmented reality picture frame. The photos for the picture frames were taken with the green screen. The picture frame itself was 3D printed. The augmented reality was created through an application called Aurasma.

This workshop was a snapshot into what kind of projects someone could create in the Stony Brook Innovation Lab.

WISE event participants WISE event participants

3D Printing of a Prosthetic Hand

During the Summer of 2015, a student intern printed and assembled a Prosthetic Hand, using the Innovation Lab’s 3D printers.  Ellie Evans had the idea from e-Nable project. E-Nable project is a global network of volunteers using 3D printing to give helping hands to kids that don’t have one.   Ellie is a Political Science major at the University of Rhode Island. However, she became an intern at the SBU Innovation Lab after hearing about the various technologies in the facility that students have free access to. She learned everything from basics of how to use a 3D printer and filament, to the different printers it takes to print finer/bigger objects.  While assembling the pieces she had to figure out how tension worked in a hand, as well as how the pieces fit together. The project was difficult, but Ellie said that her great colleagues in the lab were always available to lend a hand or to look at the project from a different perspective; this made her job a little easier.

3D-printed hand Holding the 3D-printed hand

This being the first prototype of this kind to being developed in the lab the team was excited to see the final project.

Showing off the 3D-printed hand

Screen Printing Workshop

Screen printing workshop

On September 16, the SBU Innovation Lab hosted its first outdoor workshop. Kelly Smith, a lab employee, taught the workshop on Screen Printing. Kelly taught workshop goers how to build the silk screen from scratch and use it to print identical prints.

Workshop participants

Being a part of the month of September’s theme, The Maker Mentality, the Screen Printing workshop taught students how to create their own brand.

Upcoming Innovation Lab Events

The SBU Innovation Lab with our partners in College of Business, Division of Information Technology, IREP, Long Island LaunchPad and ListNet are pleased to announce WolfieTank. Wolfie Tank is a pitch competition where you can come with your ideas and get honest feedback from a panel of judges to help shape your idea for future events.

For more on Wolfie Tank, visit the website.


Photo credits: SBU Innovation Lab Team

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