List of Maker Book Lists

List of Maker Book Lists

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It’s the time of the year where everyone seems to be putting together lists.  As a librarian, my very favorite kind of list is a list of recommended books.  This, my friends, is how we discover what to read next!  Also, if you celebrate a gift-giving holiday around this time, this is how you discover what to put on your wishlist and/or buy for everyone you know.

But you know what’s even better than one list of books?  You’ve got it–a list of book lists!  A meta book list, if you like.

So here we go–lists of maker-related reading.  If you know of a list that I miss, add it in the comments or tweet @makerbridge so that everyone can take advantage!

  1. Renovated Learning’s Makerspace Resources
    Scroll down or control+f to the “Maker Books to Read” section.
  2. School Library Journal’s Maker Bookshelf: A starter collection for current and aspiring makebrarians
    This one is broken down into topics, which is great.
  3. Johnson County Library’s Maker – List of Lists
    Lists include Electronics, Maker Culture, Books for Mini Makers, and more.
  4. Teen Librarian Toolbox’s Maker Bookshelf, The Next Step in our Maker Journey at the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County
    The whole post is interesting, but for books you’ll want to scroll or control+f for “Maker Collection Booklist”.
  5. Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s Your Library and Imagination Station
    Scroll down a bit to see this list of books (including some fiction!) which is targeted at kids.
  6. Richland Library’s What Is A Makerspace?
    A nice list of makerspace titles.
  7. Popular Woodworking’s Essential Reading List
    Just woodworking here, as you may have suspected from the title.
  8. Interweave’s 6 Books That Will Make You A Better Weaver
    Just weaving, but who doesn’t love weaving?
  9. Library Journal’s Cooking Bestsellers
    Just cooking, as the title suggests.
  10. Library Journal’s Gardening Bestsellers
    Just gardening here.
  11. My own Books for Educators Interested in Starting a Makerspace
    From the MakerBridge archives for your reading pleasure!


So let’s hear it–what great lists have I missed?

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