Registration Open for New School of Open Courses

On our campus, we have frequent and significant conversations about the role of open resources in learning. Through our Open.Michigan group, we’ve gotten to work with the folks at Creative Commons. Creative Commons’ Jane Park has been a friend and … Read more >

Talking About Makerspaces at ALA

Another American Library Association Annual Conference has come and gone, and makerspaces were definitely among the hot topics. Ellen Gustafson, Rachel Goldberg, and I represented the Michigan Makers project at a poster session and chatted with lots of maker-oriented folks.… Read more >

Beeswax for Coating Cotton or Polyester Thread OR Conductive Thread

Coating your hand-sewing thread with beeswax (by running it through the slots in this plastic container) can keep your thread from tangling up and helps it glide through your fabric. This can also be useful for conductive thread, which can

Read more >
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