Making and Accessibility: 5 Links Make a Post

I apologize for the brevity of this post, I’ve been incredibly busy. The theme for this post is Making and Accessibility.

  1. 3D Model Helps Blind Jax Library Patrons Avoid Bathroom Yuck Factor: 
  2. Anyone Can 3-D Print These Beautiful
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Where to Get More Maker News

Clearly you already love MakerBridge, but are you searching for more ways to get news about the maker movement and connect with others? This post collects some of our recommended channels on various social media platforms and through email. This … Read more >

Beware of Robots

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Recently, the news has been filled with ‘ROBOTS STEALING JOBS’ and ‘YOUR JOB WILL BE GIVEN TO A ROBOT’, as well as ‘PREVENT ROBOTS FROM TAKING OVER HUMANITY’! (Agent Smith, anyone?)I even have plenty of proof for our worries:

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